Battery Monitor

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BM24TS shows voltage in the attached battery and power to / from the battery.
Remaining battery capacity in % and load/charge as a percentage of battery capacity (graphically).

Via the menu options you can see the remaining runtime at current consumption and used amp hours since last full charge. Setting the battery parameters and other configuration is done directly on the display unit.

BM24TS consists of a display unit and an active shunt for measuring current flow, these devices are connected via a PowerBus compatible CAN bus.

An alarm signal can be given at selected battery levels.

BM24TS comes complete with a 150 or 300 Amp active measurement shunt and a complete cable set, making it easy to install on your own.

BM24TS Display unit
Supply voltage: 10-16VDC
Power consumption: 130 mA, in sleep mode 5mA
Shunt cable length: 5 m
Supply voltage cable length: 1.2m
Size: 74x52x14 mm
Display: TFT 2.4 “320×240 pixel

AS150/300 Active Shunt
Power supply: 7-16VDC
Power consumption: 2mA
Cable length Battery +: 0.5m
Connection to battery- : M6
Connection to load- : M6

Price 150Amp: SEK 2495.00 incl. VAT.
Price 300Amp: SEK 2695.00 incl. VAT


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