Fuel Economy

Fuel economy meter BFM24T for petrol.

A fuel economy meter increases each boat’s scope by providing information about the boat’s fuel consumption and the optimal speed.
Now you can drive your boat without having to worry about fuel shortage. Safe Port Marine fuel economy meter BFM24T gives you more than peace of mind and increased running time, it also provides better fuel economy by allowing you to find the optimum engine speed . Most boat owners can save between 10% -15 % on the fuel bill by driving the boat at the “right” speed. The economy meter also makes it possible to quickly detect abnormal consumption due to engine problems , improperly trimed gear or wrong propeller.
The fuel economy meter measures the current consumption in liters per hour , liters since last engine start , the number of liters since the last refueling ( manual reset at each refueling) and total fuel consumed ( resettable ) and total operating time .

The fuel economy meter measures:

  • current consumption in liters/hours, liters/minutes or liters/nautical mile (requires GPS).
  • the number of liters since the last refueling
  • liters used on last trip
  • total fuel consumed
  • total operating time
  • fuel level in fuel tank
  • time/distance to go (requires GPS).
  • history of latest fuel consumption

Can be fitted to all outboard and inboard engines, available with or without GPS receiver.

GPS models is delivered med GPS-receiver and external GPS antenna.

BFM24T for one engine
Price BFM24T-300 : 5995:- incl. VAT.
Price BFM24T-300-GPS : 6995:- incl. VAT.

BFM24T2 two engines
Price BFM24T2-300 : 7995:- incl. VAT.
Price BFM24T2-300-GPS : 8995:- incl. VAT.

BFM24TR for petrol engine with return flow
Price BFM24TR-300 : 7995:- incl. VAT.
Price BFM24TR-GPS : 8995:- incl. VAT.

Long flow sensor cable, length 10m.
Price BFM-CABLE-10M : 349:- incl. VAT.


Fuel economy

Fuel volume

Night view

Speed and cource

Flow sensor

Ease of Installation
Installing a fuel economy meter is relatively simple and can be performed by DIY .

Supply voltage : 10 -16V
Power consumption: 130 mA
Size: 74x52x14 mm
Display: TFT 2.4 ” 320×240 pixel
Diameter fuel hose : 8/10/12mm interior.
Cable length flow sensor: 5m
Fuel flow BFM24T: max 300 liters / hour
Fuel flow BFM24T2: max 300+300 liters / hour
Fuel flow BFM24TR: max 300 liters / hour

Video showing menu options


Made in Sweden.

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Future product
NMEA2000 interface BFM-N2K

Only 995:- incl. VAT

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