Remote monitoring

RM-SMS remote monitoring

RM-SMS lets you keep track of your boat from a remote location. You can receive a SMS when any of the alarm condition occurs, or you can ask to have a daily status report.

RM SMS monitors water temperature and battery voltage in the basic configuration. You can also connect your own sensors to one input, eg. a float switch to alert you if water is entering the hull. There is also an output that can be connected to eg. an alarm or warning lights.
If you have battery charging via shore power, you can be alerted when the power fails. If you have the boat in the sea at winter you can have an alarm when the water temperature begins to approach zero.

Setup are easily done from an app on a smartphone (iOS or Android) (you can also do it from an ordinary phone with SMS). The alarms can be configured in a variety of ways and they can be sent to several recipients. All alarms must be acknowledged to prevent retransmission.

In power saving mode the GSM module is turned off only to be activated upon alarm or once a day for reporting status or receiving new settings.

RM-SMS is powered by the boat’s battery.

Power Supply: 6-16VDC.
Power consumption: 15mA, in power save mode 2mA.
Temperature Sensor: 5m cable

Price:  SEK 1195,00 incl. VAT



Temperature sensor

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